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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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will get his multiplicity of kinds of thoughts, even
though all the time you have, underlying it, the one
dominant idea. Then, when you hav^got him into that
frame of mind, he works pleasantly and harmoniously
along with you.

All these things are methods of discrimination.
Now He speaks of right and wrong—that was one
of the lines of discrimination. He says :

Between right and wrong Occultism knows no com-

If you think of it, you will find that ordinary life is
to a large extent a series of compromises ; that men
constantly are doing a little less than they know
to be right because they are thinking of what
people would say. Most fatal sentence that—what
other people would say ! Perhaps it has done as
much harm as any other similar number of words
have ever done anywhere. Yet people, knowing well
in a given case what they ought to do, shift it a little,
tamper with it, fall short of it in order to make their
passage smoother. Now there are, of course, certain
difficulties which meet us here.  We know very
well that we do not want to antagonise anyone,
that we do not want to hurt anyone's feelings, or to
arouse his prejudices more than we can help. Still
here stands the command, which we know in our
hearts to b® true :

Between right and wrong, Occultism knows no com-
promise. At whatever apparent cost, that which is right